About Us

Gary-Spencer-Water-MedicsWith over fifteen years in the water treatment industry, Water Medics is the place to go to when you want to find out what exactly is in your water.

We offer free water testing and provide treatments for everything from hard water to drinking water. We can remove whatever is fouling your water, including iron, sulfur, chlorine, ammonia, and bacteria. No matter what your water challenge — Water Medics has you covered.

Bad water can cause anything from plumbing damage to pipes to corrosion in your sinks, faucets, and supply lines, which could also cause you to need extensive repairs in the future.

Bad water with an odor or poor taste may mean iron or sulfur in your water, which could cause minor problems like staining or an odor coming from the water, OR it could mean future plumbing issues associated more closely with those who have well water.

While any of these issues may not cause significant health problems, they are a concern because of extensive costs of plumbing repairs.

Water absorbs almost everything it makes contact with, so we should really be concerned about what we use for our dishes, clothing, and what we put on and in our bodies while showering and drinking.

If you at all have any concerns of what the water is doing to you and your home, consider calling Water Medics for the free in home water testing. While you may be disappointed with the test results, you will not be with our service.