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Do you wish you knew what was in your water?

At Water Medics we believe in your right to know. We test your water for free.

You are under no obligation to purchase anything. We simply feel you should know. After you know – you will be making an informed decision about your family’s water. But if you ask us, we are going to say …

“You need to put a barrier between you and your water supply – so you are not the filter.”

Water purity used to be guaranteed. Sadly our water supply has been infiltrated by farm chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial and biological contamination. Our aging water infrastructure can cause other problems, as we saw in Flint, Michigan. Plus, even natural substances found in the soil degrade the taste and feel of water — and sometimes the quality of the water — we bathe in and drink.

As a result, the amounts of chlorine, ammonia and other water treatment chemicals used to counteract these have gone up – up – up! And you are tasting, breathing and feeling these. You are seeing the result on your dishes and in your laundry.

Water Medics will test your water for free — so you will know what you are drinking.

Water quality varies from town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood, even from house to house on the same street. Without testing your water, we don’t know exactly what is coming out of your tap. Plus what is important and best for your family might be different than your neighbor, your cousin or a family in a nearby town.

  • Water Medics brings over 20 years experience in water treatment to its customers.
  • We’ve treated water in every community in central Illinois.
  • We offer only the highest quality treatment systems – and we service them!

FREE Water Test

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