Pure Water

Pure Drinking Treatment Systems

Pure drinking water is at the core of your family’s health. You cook with it. You drink it. And you trust that when you turn on the tap the water that comes out will be healthy and clean. And now the experts say we should encourage our families to drink even more water! Our reverse osmosis purification system ensures that your family has all the good-tasting, pure water to drink that it wants and needs — all at an affordable price.

Why do you need Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment?

Water quality used to be guaranteed. Sadly our aging water structure, the amount of farm chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our water supply, the industrial and biological contamination, even natural substances found in the soil degrade the taste and feel of water, and sometimes the quality of the water we bathe in and drink.

As a result, the amounts of chlorine, ammonia and other water treatment chemicals used to counteract these have gone up – up – up! And you are tasting, breathing and feeling these. You are seeing the result on your dishes and in your laundry.

Water quality varies from community to community … and home to home. Without testing your water, we don’t know exactly what is in your tap water. Plus what is important and best for your family might be different than your neighbor, your cousin or a family in a nearby town.

Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems provide clean, safe delicious drinking water for your family – without the bad smells or chemical tastes and removing up to 99% to ‘total dissolved solids’ … which might be dangerous farm and industrial run-off sometimes found in your water.

  • You can often install an RO system for a monthly cost nearly equal to what you are already spending on bottled drinking water.
  • We can make sure the same clear RO drinking water is used to make ice cubes in the refrigerator.
  • Our systems work efficiently on water pressure as low as 30psi.
  • Our system is completely pre-tested with a 25-year limited warranty.

Why Water Medics?

You need to put a barrier between you and your water supply – so you are not the filter.

  • Water Medics will test your water for free — so we know what you are drinking — and what needs to be treated.
  • Water Medics brings over 20 years experience in water treatment to its customers.
  • We’ve treated water in every community in central Illinois.
  • We offer only the highest quality treatment systems – and we service them!

Water Medic wants to know "what's in your water?"

Offering water softening and reverse osmosis drinking filters, and whole-house treatment services, Water Medics has you covered in treating, cleaning, and purifying your water back to where its just simply that again — WATER.

  • Wouldn’t you prefer clean, clear, contaminant-free, better tasting drinking water?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer sparkling dishes, brighter, cleaner, and more vibrant clothing out of the laundry?
  • How about better cooking, plumbing with fewer issues, and cleaner appliances?

If you answered yes to all of the above or any of the questions, why wait?

Contact Water Medics now to get started in improving the water in and around your home. Click Here To Call or Text 1-309-360-1995

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis water purification
The process of reverse osmosis appears to be complex, but in reality it is a very straightforward process.

  • The reverse osmosis system uses pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining inorganic solids such as salt, while allowing the treated water to pass to the other side.
  • The remaining contaminants are then flushed down the drain.

Water Medics’ reverse osmosis water softener also reduces contaminants found in a household’s water supply such as: Arsenic (Pentavalent) <=50 ppb, Barium, Cadmium, Cyst, Fluoride, Chromium (Hexavalent), Lead, TDS, Chromium (Trivalent), Nitrate/Nitrite, Radium 226/228 and Selenium

Convenience and comfort straight from the tap.

For the benefits of pure great tasting water that is ideal for food preparation, improving the taste of your coffee or tea and beverages, while providing you with crystal clear ice, nothing compares to the RO drinking water system from Water Medics!