Scot Guariglia reviews Water MedicsScot Guariglia: Jan. 6, 2017 — Gary is THE definitive expert in water quality. Custom filtration media and systems addressing contaminants discovered through testing with personal prompt attention, Gary always surpasses any expectation I have had. He helped me ask the right questions and I have studied water quality issues for decades. Yes, these are the qualities of a true professional, and I highly recommend him. Water is the foundation of life and this is the first topic people should address to improve their health.
JeffZircher reviews Water MedicsJeff Zircher: Jan 10, 2017 — Gary and the Water Medics team are so great to work with! When you need them, they respond very quickly. Love the water softener and RO unit they installed a couple of years ago!! Central Illinois has some nasty water if left untreated. I’ll think you’ll be amazed at how Gary can help the water quality in your home. He’ll find a solution that fits your affordability too.
Dana Kaempen reviews Water MedicsDana Kaempen: Oct. 23, 2015 — These guys are the *real deal*! Total professionals and eminently capable.

I’ve had problems with my water softener for ~1.5-2 years now. I had TWO different dealer-authorized service representatives from other companies take stabs at repairing our system, multiple times EACH, prior to contacting the Water Medics. Both of the other reps failed – one far worse than the other. In one case, I was even instructed to replace a 90′ section of drain hose to make things better, which only made the problems worse, especially because it proved to be the wrong solution.

Enter the Water Medics. Gary & son showed up within 2 hours of being called, they were nice, polite, professional, and best of all, technically competent. They found and fixed the problems in an hour’s time, and we finally have our water softened as it used to be, with no more yellow, rusty water and our suds restored.

Don’t waste your time on those other pretenders, simply call the Water Medics and get your system working on the First Call!

Robert Aten reviews Water MedicsRobert Aten: Jan. 6, 2017

— good people to work with…..good service…..quality company.

Chris Heine: Feb 7, 2017 — When I take a shower in un-filtered Peoria water, my eyes are red and irritated afterwards from the chlorine. Plus the water irritates my bladder … not a happy situation. So every time I move into a new house, I call Gary. He has just finished putting in the third water treatment and RO system which I’ve purchased from him. As always, he was professional, and the result is great! I was spending about $20 to $30 per week on bottled water, so his financing actually saves me money every month.”

From The Real Mom of Central Illinois: “After talking with multiple companies in the area and reviewing what they offered, I chose Water Medics of Peoria for my reverse osmosis and water softener. The Hague water systems are top of the line and come with a 25 year warranty! There‚Äôs also an excellent, complimentary soap program included! I also like that I can call Water Medics anytime to test my water for free and the customer service is excellent.”

Ron Galloway: “We had Water Medics out yesterday to install a water softner/filtration system including a drinking water reverse osmosis sytem. They did an excellent job installing and we now have clean, safe water to drink. I highly recommend you contact this company if you are interested in cleaning up your water. On another note … when Water Medics came to install our system, they asked if they could put one of their signs in our yad shoiwng who was doing the install. Of course, I told them it would be ok. Ironically, within one hour of them showing up for the job and placing the sign in our yard, Roger Spangler, from the Village, was ringing our door bell to inform me that the sign would have to be removed as soon as they completed the job. I wonder how, within on hour of the sign being placed into our yard, Roger Spangler know about it and was ringing our doorbell … probably just a coincidence?”