Water Softeners

If you live in Peoria, chances are very good that you have hard water. You may struggle to get the walls of your dishwasher clean, have faucets that regularly lime up and are probably dismayed by the yellowing of your whites when you wash clothes in hard water. A Water Medics water softener is the answer.

  • The soft, clean water achieved from the softener systems can not be overstated.
  • Our high end Hague softener has seven US patents.
  • It provides years of trouble-free water softening in your home.
  • Our water softeners are highly efficient, easy to use, and will save you over the life of the units in how they clean your water that you use for eating, drinking, and bathing.

When a Water Softner Isn’t Enough – Whole House Water Filters

Water medics Water Softner and Treatment Systems.
Without testing your water, we don’t know exactly what is in your tap water. Water quality varies from community to community … and home to home. Plus what is important and best for your family might be different than your neighbor, your cousin or a family in a nearby town. In some communities the water quality is so much of a problem, that we will recommend a whole-house water filter.

Water quality used to be guaranteed. Sadly our aging water structure, the amount of farm chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our water supply, the industrial and biological contamination, even natural substances found in the soil degrade the taste and feel of water, and sometimes the quality of the water we bathe in and drink.

As a result, the amounts of chlorine, ammonia and other water treatment chemicals used to counteract these have gone up – up – up!

  • Chlorine is often used with ammonia to create a third chemical, chloramines.
  • Chloramines help the water company meet regulatory standards because they have fewer disinfectant byproducts.
  • The trade-off is that chloramines are a less effective disinfectant (than chlorine) while also being dangerous to breathe and very corrosive.

So if we don’t treat your water to remove these through filtration, your water softener’s life is significantly shortened. And you are tasting — and even worse, breathing — and feeling these chemicals.

Water filters are especially essential to a home in that they will clean out dirt and sediment particles from your water, leaving you with odorless, clean, crisp water for you to not only enjoy while drinking, but also enjoy while you’re cooking and cleaning.

Why Water Medics?

You need to put a barrier between you and your water supply – so you are not the filter.

  • Water Medics will test your water for free — so we know what you are drinking — and what needs to be treated.
  • Water Medics brings over 20 years experience in water treatment to its customers.
  • We’ve treated water in every community in central Illinois.
  • We offer only the highest quality treatment systems – and we service them!

Water Medic wants to know "what's in your water?"

Offering water softening and reverse osmosis filters, and whole-house treatment services, Water Medics has you covered in treating, cleaning, and purifying your water back to where its just simply that again — WATER.

  • Wouldn’t you prefer clean, clear, contaminant-free, better tasting drinking water?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer sparkling dishes, brighter, cleaner, and more vibrant clothing out of the laundry?
  • How about better cooking, plumbing with fewer issues, and cleaner appliances?

If you answered yes to all of the above or any of the questions, why wait?

Sign up for a free water test now!

You can count on Water Medics to provide a complete water purification solution.

All of our products come complete with the guarantee of two decades in the water treatment industry and what that means is, whatever the issue or concern is, we have the know how to provide great service that will meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a Water Softener, a full-house Water Filter, or a Reverse Osmosis System, Water Medics has you covered for all of your water cleaning and purification needs. From Whole House Water Filters to Self Cleaning Filters that can be placed upon particular faucets, Water Medics will save you both time AND money.

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Why hesitate when your water could be compromised?

We use: Hague Water Softeners that provide computerized solid-state Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens.