How we Work

Here at Water Medics, we cater to projects both big and small, residential and commercial, whatever your needs we have you covered.

For the Residential customer, we offer a variety of different services that can be of service to you whether you are on city water or live in a rural area and have well water.

Offering a free water testing, we can analyze a variety of what could be major contaminants within your water and provide you with the information that you need, which then in turn, we can offer our knowledge and expert advice and recommendations that is right for you and your water, because not all water is the same.

Water needs to not only appear good, but also taste good, and protect your plumbing, appliances, clothing, and most importantly, your HEALTH.

Water Medics also provides solutions for the Commercial customer as well. From the larger softeners to the complete reverse osmosis systems, we have a wide range of products and services to meet your business and its employees needs, while offering it at a great cost and minimal maintenance to you the consumer.

Not only that, but Water Medics again can offer the commercial consumer the free water test so that you and your business has the peace of mind in knowing that when you have a partnership with Water

Medics, we will not only diagnose your water ailments, but have the proper solution to not only remedy the situation, but save you money in the long term.

Do you want cleaner healthier water?

Call us now at 309-360-3995 to setup your free water test and consultation.